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Jamie Lynn Morgan



Currently living in Hayden Idaho. I moved to North Idaho (from Western Montana) in 1991 where I met my wonderful husband Tom. We now share our lives with our three beautiful children, and are enjoying the great life we have here in the Inland Northwest.

I have operated as an influence marketer and consultant specializing in promotion and advocacy for Craft Beer, Bicycling, and Food Organizations and/or Businesses since January of 2008.



Office Phone: 208-991-0040

Cell: 208-215-5152


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What I Do

I am an Influence Marketer and Consultant Specializing in Promotion and Advocacy for the Craft Beer industry, Bicycling, Hotels/Motels, and Restaurants.

What I Do:

My focus and area of expertise includes: the Craft Beer Industry, Bicycling, Hotels/Motels,  and Restaurants. As well as managing or co-managing these groups: Lake City Flyers Vintage Bicycle Group and the Inland Northwest Girls’ Pint Out.

In a nutshell I will use Social Media, Events, Online Advertising, and Word of Mouth Marketing to:

• Serve as advocate and champion for your business, organization, or product.

• Build growth through enhancing brand and community recognition.

• Foster positive public perceptions and visibility.

• Generate news through story ideas and blog articles.

I always offer a 1 hour Consultation Session for Free to determine what type of promotion(s) and/or marketing that will be best for your business.

After that initial consultation my hourly rate is $80 per hour for further Consultations, Training, and Short Term Promotions.

For Long Term Monthly contracts of 6 months or more, a price is quoted based on the best course of action for your business or organization, (pricing for Long Term Contracts varies based on the business needs and type of work to be performed).

There are also special sponsorship opportunities for the Lake City Flyers Vintage & Cruiser Bicycle Group and the Inland Northwest Girls Pint Out. Please contact me to find out more!

 I also teach classes at the North Idaho Workforce Training Center on Social Media. I post when the classes will be when registration starts. Those classes cost from $49 to $129 depending on the type and length of the class.