Contact and Social Media Management: Cracking It Open


Contact and Social Media Management: Cracking It Open

January 2, 2013
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Yesterday we talked about how automation helps with making your business mobile. I explained how to use your blog posts to also update your social media and have content for an email newsletter that can be sent automatically to your subscribers.

Today the topic is contact and social media management in one service. There are many services out there to help manage your social media and some include contact management features, but so far there is only one I have found that offers the most features. That service is Sendible. It is internet based and also has smartphone apps to use on the go. It does have a monthly subscription fees (they vary in price for what you want.), but it is worth it for the convenience of what you can use it for.

Here is what you can do using Sendible:

1. Post to all the major social networks plus some secondary ones. Please go to the website to find all the details (
2. Schedule posts to happen in the future and respond to comments, posts, twitter messages, or twitter DM’s.
3. Create and send email newsletters to contacts. (Certain number of emails per month are included w/your monthly subscription payment and you can also purchase more credits)
4. Can create and send text messages to contacts. (You have to purchase text message credits to be able to do this, but nice add on)
5. Create and post blog posts to just about any blogging platform, even self hosted blogs.
6. Add photos or videos to photos and video services
7. Auto post using RSS feeds and also import your RSS feeds to be able to browse through and then post to accounts.
8. Create groups for social media account posting and for email newsletters/bulk emails
9. Import Facebook and Twitter contacts
10. Create a sign up widget for your website to allow people to sign up for email newsletters and people are added to the contact group you designate.
11. Use a link shortening service such as bitly for extra link tracking. (I actually have two bitly accounts that I purchased my own url’s and use them through the bitly service for extra tracking ability and branding)
12. Reports that can be customized to include data you want to track or basic reports that work great to track what you are doing. Can be html reports, pdf, or downloaded as csv file.
13. Monitor keywords (similar to google alerts)
14. Create task lists for to do’s or things to remember
15. Add users (they have their own log in information-number allowed depends on the plan you choose.)
16. Remove the sent via Sendible with your own company branding (only available with certain monthly plans)

There is so much more I could list, but you get the idea.

To expand on the automation process we now can:

1. Open Sendible
2. Create blog post
3. Choose other social media accounts to share to besides the ones we have automatically set up via the WordPress dashboard (or send to specific contacts who may be interested in the blog post)
4. Blog post will be cued to be added to the email newsletter that is already created and scheduled to go out.
5. Monitor and manage all social media posts and respond to messages.
6. Search for new content to post and check keyword monitoring
7. Etc

I find new ways to utilize Sendible every day to streamline processes and they add new features all the time. When they add the ability to read your email within Sendible you will just about be perfect.

If Sendible’s price tag is too much, do some research I am sure you could find something that may not do as much, but will do everything you need for a price you can live with.

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