Discovered Something Interesting About Business Facebook Posts


Discovered Something Interesting About Business Facebook Posts

January 3, 2013
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There have been articles and speculations on changes Facebook may have made that affected Business Pages and how the people who have liked your page then see that information (or don’t see as the case seems to be).

I have talked about this before, but decided a little experimentation was in order. For the last three weeks I have been posting various different posts to my Business pages and to my clients pages and something interested was discovered.

Now keep in mind the time of day you post can still determine whether a post will be viewed by more people or less. but to increase the number of potential people who will this is what you need to do.

Your posts need to be just text with an added photo or video you upload directly to Facebook–NO LINKS! Not sure whether Facebook has added some extra filtering to help curb spammers or what is new, but in the three weeks that I ran this experiment posts with links received 50-80% fewer views.

Here is an example:


Notice the numbers for “who saw this post”. Difference is posts with links 10 and 16 and just text 42.

This is what I discovered across the board with all pages. It didn’t even matter if the link was to another Facebook page it still received less views. I also want to mention that I read an article awhile back that said Facebook was also not showing priority for posts from third party services such as Foursquare, SproutSocial, Sendible, etc., but during the experiment where it came from made no difference it was still based on the message content.

What does this mean to you as a business owner? Well it means if you want your posts to be seen by more of your page “likes” you need to post more messages to your business page that don’t include any links.

From a Search Engine Optimization and social media tracking standpoint this is a bit of a nightmare. Google Analytics and other reporting algorithms can’t track a post if it doesn’t have a link to follow. This leaves you with only a few options to use ex: Facebook’s insights as your reporting tool or you can choose to use another service like Sendible that will track all messages posted regardless of whether they have a link or not (Note: as long as they are posted through Sendible. I would check with SproutSocial or other services to see if they track non-link posts. I don’t have any direct information on others since I am using Sendible.)

It always seems like there is something new to learn, along with devising better ways to communicate with your customers. This may be the time you re-evaluate how you are using Facebook in your business marketing strategy. It might be time to switch gears and change up how you are using it or maybe even evaluate how useful it really is. If it is not helping you stay in touch with current customers and it isn’t gaining you new ones why are you using it again?

Let me know if you ever want to meet and talk about some new and different ways to market your business. Phone is always on and now that I am going more mobile…iPad is always within reach to check emails or to jump into an online chat :)

Cheers and Ride On!

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