Facebook Pages Are Losing Reach: Negative Feedback


Facebook Pages Are Losing Reach: Negative Feedback

January 14, 2013
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Over the past month or so, everyone has been complaining about getting less reach on Facebook. That the algorithm has changed. And that Facebook is now a pay to play system.

Changes have definitely taken place. And as the dust settles we learn more and more about what has really happened, both from Facebook and from the data.

One of the more impactful changes all page admins need to be aware of is that the latest major change in edgerank is now valuing Facebook post negative feedback at a much heavier weight.

This means, as a Facebook page, negative feedback on your content can effectively destroy your post’s reach.

Facebook has said that they are doing this to try and combat spammy pages. But as more and more businesses get on Facebook and post more often, this effectively raises the Facebook content quality bar for all pages.

So you might be thinking, what is negative feedback and how can it be avoided?

Read more here: The Simple Reason Facebook Pages….

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