Find Your Unique “Something” to Market Your Business


Find Your Unique “Something” to Market Your Business

October 1, 2013
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Have you noticed that all the cars on the road are starting to look the same? I remember a time when you would see a Ford, Chevy, or a Dodge pickup and you could immediately tell what it was. Today? Not so much.

When a new food trend hits the market everyone jumps on the bandwagon and you see it on every large chains menu. Having and being like everyone else doesn’t seem like the best marketing angle to me…how about you? With so many choices and the ability the internet has given us to do more research than ever before; it would make better sense to stand out rather than blend in.

On a recent trip to Boise Idaho I had the pleasure of seeing just how finding your unique “something” can set you apart in an area with a lot of other dining choices. Now this restaurant had a ton of great qualities. The quality of the service and the food could stand on their own, but they promote something else that no one else in the area, (that I could find), was marketing or promoting as their unique “something”.

That place was Chandler’s and their “something” is a Ten Minute Martini. Not only is there a great story behind it, but even the whole concept leaves you in anticipation of what you are going to get. When it does finally arrive you are not disappointed.

What you can’t discount though, is the fact that the Ten Minute Martini works because they give you an entire experience. From the moment you walk in the door to the final bite you take of your dessert…Chandler’s provides the atmosphere, service, and food to make the Ten Minute Martini appear to be the best one you have ever had. If they faltered on any one of these, the Ten Minute Martini would just be an OK Martini you had to wait a bit longer for.

In your own business find your unique “something”, but remember it has to fit with your business and the experience you will give your customers. You can’t have a Ten Minute Martini in a fast food environment, just as you can’t have “a fries with that attitude” and try to sell a premium martini.

So what is your “Something”?

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