Go Ahead…You Can Sell on Social Media


Go Ahead…You Can Sell on Social Media

December 4, 2012
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Yes, I said it…now before some of you out there crucify me for social media blasphemy hear me out.

Everyone is correct that hard sell marketing on Social Media does not work, but if you never tell your fans or followers about that special you are having or send out messages about what you do to gain new fans or followers how will they know?

It is great to provide information, humor, and to share articles that are interesting to your audience, but ultimately all of this has to lead to sales or what is the point?!

Part of your posting strategy should include interesting ways to let people know about a promotion, event, or product your business is selling. To have a plan that doesn’t every tell people about what you do in my opinion is just plain stupid.

Here is an example: At a coffee meetup recently we were commenting on the age of social media users and sometimes how having a younger person, (or even someone who is just not knowledgeable about your business regardless of age), doing your social media strategy can sometimes backfire.

The business that was shown as the example was a car dealership whose Facebook page is full of pictures of hot rods with flames, muscle cars, and the like. The complaint was that those are the things that a man in the Baby Boomer generation just isn’t interested in. What he wanted were posts about oil change specials, tune-up deals, and other posts that would entice him to actually go to the dealership instead of to a Jiffi Lube or Oil Can Henry’s (who by the way…let you know about those types of deals in everything that they do). What can happen when you have the person using your service department for maintenance and repairs that feels like they have had really good service? Where do you think they will buy their next car? Who will they tell their friends to go see when they are looking? Hmmmm….

Now in this particular case the gentleman knows the owner of the car dealership and they are actually friends. He has told him that he needs to start posting more things like that, but guess what his response was? Well all those “experts” out there tell you not to sell on Facebook. How many other businesses have been fed this Koolaid and are currently missing out on opportunities for new and repeat business.

Yes, social means social, but there are so many ways you can “sell” on social media that is not obtrusive and annoying. The reality folks is that someone has most likely liked your page for one of these three reasons: 1. They know you. 2. They are related to you. 3. They want to know what your business is up to and BE NOTIFIED about sales etc. you are having.

The ones who liked or followed your business in category 3 will eventually just ignore, unlike, or unfollow your business if you adhere to the ‘no selling” on social media strategy.

  • http://www.premiersolve.com Russell

    I thought the whole reason businesses were supposed to flock to the social media sites in the first place was it was a good, free or nearly free platform for getting your message out! If it’s not a good platform anymore, if it’s not a cost effective platform anymore, then what’s the point?

    Send me more cat pics.

    • http://jamie-lynn-morgan.com jamiemorgan

      The post didn’t say social media wasn’t a viable marketing tool, because it still is if used correctly. I was just making a point about proper use and that businesses need to be communicating what their customers want, not what some “expert” tells them to do.

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