Reachli For Pinterest Campaign’s and Extra Cash


Reachli For Pinterest Campaign’s and Extra Cash

January 28, 2013
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Reachli provides a suite of tools to help content creators and sellers of goods easily post and measure their visual content onto social media sites, starting with Pinterest.

Many brands post content without being able to measure its relevance to devise a good strategy. Some are doing great, but others aren’t. Reachli surfaces the most relevant statistics to eliminate the guessing and show you exactly what works and what doesn’t. This will help you figure out the best strategy for your content so that you can increase on your returns.

I have been trying out Reachli to help monitor how Pinterest can be used to help promote a business or product. It seems to work really well for measuring what you post to Boards that are not Group Boards, which for me is a bit of a downer. I have some Boards that I have been invited to pin to that can get a lot of reach, but any time I post to one of those Boards and try to track it in Reachli it just gives me a bunch of 0’s. Hopefully this is something they will fix in the near future. Tracking to Individual Boards works pretty well and helps me to see what content people are more apt to click on and also share via their own boards.

Reachli also offers an option to create “paid” posts that work like most online marketing and you pay for every click. With this same option as an individual you can earn a little extra spending money by sharing ads that have been created via your social media accounts. I have not tried to create my own ad here yet, but have been sharing other’s ads via my accounts (and if I remember to do it every day) I make about $1 a day.

If you are going to use Pinterest for promoting your business, you need to have a way to see if it is working and Reachli is the way to do that. If you can make a little extra cash or create ads that you get others to share that isn’t a bad thing either.

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